Abass Jafuneh


Abass’s expertise as a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner (PMHNP) is geared towards identifying, counseling and treating various mental health illnesses reliant on a holistic and evidence-based practice that’s central to being self-aware and be culturally competent, being non-judgmental, showing empathy, and treating every person as an individual with dignity.  

As a psychiatric provider with more than 10 years of health care work experience, Abass obtained both his master’s and doctorate degree from the University of North Dakota. His experiences include working as a geriatric nurse, medical-surgical nurse in various clinical settings and specialties with more than six years of work as behavioral/psychiatric nurse.

Abass obtained more than three years work experience in a forensic mental health program, providing treatment to manage complex and often refractory mental health diagnoses – dual diagnoses, which includes but not limited to schizophrenic/schizoaffective disorders, bipolar/depressive disorders, mood/anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorders/PTSD, insomnia, substance abuse disorders, autism spectrum disorder/ASD, developmental and intellectual disabilities.